28th January 2009
News! Site's new owner might include the English version after all. It has also been consired that the site could be available also in Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, German, Hungarian and maybe even in Japanese. This will of course take LOT OF TIME and LOT OF MONEY as the new Finnish site is still under heavy construction and only after it's finished I can consult a translating agency. I can't afford all the languages done at the same time so patience is gold. I'm also considering if I'd put up a Paypal Donate button. I have big-ass plans for this site, mwahaha! >:D

7th June 2008
This site is now owned by Nawulf (e.g. Theo Club) and will go through a total transformation in the future. During this time the old site will not be updated, so there can be wrong, old and misleading information, missing pages, files, broken links etc. Sadly I'm not going to include the English version in the future. So, until then! I wish all the best to every Ginga fan out there!

16th February 2007
Happy valentines day! It's late but don't be angry. :) I (Riikin) updated the page and here you got couple of new pictures.

- Gin -> GNG Manga -> Manga Gallery -> Gin (4 new pic)
- Gin -> GNG Manga -> Manga Gallery -> Others(8 new pic)
- Gin -> Wallpapers -> Two new wallpapers

15th September 2006
Site contents updated. In the future there will be more improvements and changes. It is recommended to follow the latest news for example via our forum, until we'll be able to get the site up to date.
We have also got a new staff member (Riikin), who will be titled as 2.webmaster.

- Gin -> Music: OP & ED lyrics from the DVDs
- Gin -> Music: Tones added
- Gin -> Family Tree: updated
- Gin -> DVD: updated
- WEED -> Covers: New covers added
- Interactive -> Fanart: DeNeTsU [2], Ginga [1], Ginga (2) [1], Kisaragi [1] & Zhainadu [1]
- Interactive -> F.A.Q: updated
- Interactive -> Contact: updated
- Interactive -> Links: updated
- Other -> Webmaster: updated

11th December 2005
Competition results!

hopeanuoli.com announces this years competition to start!
Read more

28th September 2005
Finally some life signs to hopeanuoli.com. I'm very sorry for the lack of recent updates.
- FanArt added: Aleksi [1], Arrow Wind [1], Dark Shine [1], Icewolf [1], Minsku [1], Mooni [5], Shiroei [2], Sirpa [1], Zohjo [2]
- Links updated
- Weed -> Info section updated
- Weed -> Covers section updated
- GNG Manga -> Covers: New editions of Fang and Gum added
- F.A.Q updated
- Webmaster section updated

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