WEED: Info

Ginga Densetsu Weed is a sequel to "Ginga Nagareboshi Gin" and it's about Gin's son, Weed. The manga run from 1999 to 2009 and was published in 60 bound volumes. In 2005 a 26-episode anime was produced.

The story begins when Weed's mother Sakura dies and a dog named GB promises to take Weed to his father, the legendary Ōu leader, Gin. The journey is difficult and things aren't that great in Ōu either. When they arrive at Ōu they come to realize that the place is terrorized by a terrible gene manipulated dog, P4. All in all Gin isn't there (he has left to search for Weed).

Weed and his companions manage to defeat P4 but a new threat is arising. Gin and John are caught as hostages by a culprit named Hōgen. He wants to overthrow the Ōu reign and become the autocrat of whole Japan. Weed--despite his young age--has to take the place as the commander-in-chief of the Ōu army and start gathering more dogs to confront the evil Hōgen and to save his father.

Finally Hōgen is defeated and father and son are reunited. During the first months of peace Weed remembers his lost siblings. He sets on a journey to find them. He meets his older brother, Yukimura, who fights Japanese Macaques and their leader, an albino Gelada Baboon called Shōgun. Weed doesn't approve Yukimura's attitude and mindless killing but Yukimura has a great grudge against the monkeys: they took his little brother Joe and sacrificed him to the baboon king! Weed and the others help Yukimura and the underground organisation of the Japanese Macaques defeat Shōgun. Sadly, Yukimura gets killed.

Then a call for help is heard from Hokkaido. Russian war dogs have invaded the nothern island and trying to overthrow Hakurō's reign. The old dogs of the Ōu army go help him but too late. The invaders manage to kill Hakurō and Moss, among others. Finally Weed arrives and persuades most of the war dogs to give up on their invasion plans. Jerome finds his love from a Russian female war dog named Lydia. At the same time, Weed has been making out with a cute white girl dog, Koyuki.

After a while the dogs notice that something's wrong in the Southern Alps of Japan: a bunch of extremely vicious bear hybrids have started terrorizing the area. The bears are hybrids from polar bear x ordinary bear. They're bigger, faster and more bloodthirsty than their parents - or even Akakabuto!

Weed meets his older brother Joe who was thought to be dead. He had survived the monkey attack and is now living with his human master--and his son, Kōshirō! He had a wife named Hitomi and three other pups but a hybrid bear killed them all. That's why he wants his revenge. Joe is bitter to Gin and the Utopia of dogs because he feels that he was abandoned by his father--he didn't come the help his mother or neither did he help him when the monkeys attacked him. Weed doesn't give up on his brother and tries to convince him about his and Gin's good intentions by helping him fight the hybrids.

The dogs kill a bear after bear and they never seem to die out. Joe's owner helps the dogs every now and then and when he goes back to his house the dogs bring the wounded to him. Finally the dogs manage to push the last giant hybrid bear into the river from a cliff and the bear is sucked underwater and drowned by the current from a pipehole in a dam.

The dogs return to their everyday life. After many years' suffering and loss, new life is born: Weed and Koyuki got four pups and Jerome and Lydia six pups.

Ginga Densetsu Weed really is about relationships and conflicts, hopes and fears, life and death, friendship and hostiality between dogs during hard times.