As Gohē Takeda is on the mountains hunting the bear named Akakabuto, he disapears. Because of a bad weather the searching is hard and he's not found in a week, so his assumed dead. But the villagers want to find Takeda's body so after the weather gets better they send a searchparty. 12 - years old boy Daisuke wants to come along, but his father denies it. So he leaves secretly, small, newborn, tigerstriped puppy, Gin with him. Daisuke wants that Gin's father, Riki to see this puppy, but the problem is that Riki was along Gohē, and nobody knows their location...or are they even alive. Daisuke and Gin head to the swamp, where they think Gohē might be and they find Riki fighting, against terrifying Akakabuto bear. Daisuke falls from his snowmobile and then Gohē pulls him to safety in some hole, but Gin and Riki is left to Akakabuto's mercy.

Riki tries to protect Gin but it's forces has almost the last moment it throws Gin to safety. It's forces however are no depleted and Akakabuto throws Riki to a deep ravine. When the searchparty arrives Akakabuto is gone, and Gohē lies in the ground vowing that Riki's death wasn't in vain. Gohē starts to train Gin, as it is only a month old and a puppy as old as Gin the training is very hard. But because of Gohē Gin grows to be very strong puppy. However Gohē can't anymore hunt himself the Akakabuto bear, because of the condition of his health, so Daisuke decides to kill the bear along with Gin. In the picture comes two new faces, Doctor Hidetoshi and his huntingdog, John. Hidetoshi also wants to kill Akakabuto, to revenge for his fathers death and then there comes hurry to Daisuke and Gin, if they theirselves want to avenge Riki's death.

However Gin leaves Daisuke and decides to join with herd of wilddogs, which also are willing to kill Akakabuto. But John doesn't believe that the dogs can win the bears so he returns to his owner. Gin thinks the leader of wilddogs resembles his father and with saying this Gin causes confusion in the herd. Early in the morning the dogs divide to groups and head different directions of Japan. Gin devotes fully to his mission, to find a hero, which is needed to defeat the bears, he also must but his painful memories of his father to the past. The leader of the first squad Ben (leader of first squad), takes others to his old livinggrounds, where he knows to find dogs, who are willing to fight. They get with them the strong tigerbrothers (tigerstriped dogs). Before the brothers can leave the area they have something to be settled with a dog namer Moss. But there is a traitor in Ben's team, Hyena...which is working under the command of herds officer, Sniper. Sniper wants to be the leader instead of the leader and he tries to sabotage Ben's and Moss's plans to ally, by killing one of moss's emplyees and by injuring moss's son, Jaguar. Moss finds his dead employee, but not his son and thinks that Ben must have done this. After the arrival of Ben and others, Ben is caught under rolling rocks and the dogs start to fight each other. Gin and Smith (leader of third squad) have got lost from the herd, escaping Sniper and Hyena, after seeing sniper attacking Jaguar. They arrive to tell what really happened, but after Gin saw what had happened to Ben nothing could stop the battle. Jaguar finds his way to Ben's herd and to his father, telling what really happened, however Gin wants to avenge Ben's death. But at that moment they here a familiar voice and a huge rock behind them starts to arise....Ben rises from underneath it. When Ben was injured beneath the rock he heard how Gin defended him and it increased Ben's emotional strenght. After Ben won Moss in "battle" joins Moss and his troops to Ben's herd and for this Sniper is furious. Next the wilddogs arrive to a area which is habitated by two different dog herds...mysterious, red dogs that can turn invisible and white Iga-dogs, whose leader is named Akame. Ben knows Akame from the past, when Ben with his owner captured Akame, but afterwards helped it escape. Akame had some important mission to perform and six puppies to take care of.

Ben's forces assume the red dogs are Iga-dogs and are shocked how these dogs eat dogmeat. The red Koga-dogs take advantage of this and tell that their leader lets them eat dogmeat. Ben and the others decide, that they have to bury the dead dog. Soon after this the Iga-dogs see Ben's forces burying the corpse and assume these dogs to be part of Koga's. The Iga-dogs capture Smith and Gin goes after them throught the tunnel, as others attack the house occupied by Iga-dogs. Iga-dogs however have set a trap, they have but poisoned thistles in the ground and the hole heard steps into them. One of the Iga-dogs lets water to the tunnel, where Gin is coming and like this cuts Gin's way in. Akame tells to Ben's herd that the thistles were poisoned and Ben wonders why Akame lets his dogs to eat dogmeat. Akame doesn't recognize Ben, until this tells it's Ben and the Akame knows they have fallen to Koga's trap. Dogs must lie without moving or the poison fills their body and now Akame leaves to get the antidote. At the same time Gin has survived the tunnel and is negotianing with four Iga-dogs. At the start the Iga's don't believe Gin, but the truth clears to them when four Koga's arrive, one of them being Koga's leader. Two Iga- and Koga-dogs die, an because of this Gin goes after the fleeing Koga's. It manages to injure one of them and then Akame arrives. Akame explaines Ben's and others conditions seriousness, and that they have to go get the antidote. One of the Iga-Dogs makes a point that the antidote is in a lake that is at Koga's territory. Yet Akame says it doesn't matter, he must save Ben. So the dogs leave to get the antidote, however they don't notice that the Koga-dog isn't dead and it leaves to tell the Iga's plan.

Akame, Gin and two other Iga-dogs are surrounded to the lake, guarded by Koga-dogs. Akame tells the others to take the thistles to the village and attacks against superior enemy, so the other could escape.As the Koga's little by little kill Akame Gin and the others run towards the village, moment later Gin says he's going to help the leader, if the Iga's take his thistles to the village. Gin rescues Akame from the Koga's and arrives to the village, suprisingly all the other dogs seem fine, except Ben, who took the antidote too let others take it first. Ben hallusinates and behaves oddly, yet Akame says Ben is in no danger...while thinking something else. The Iga-dogs and Ben's herd plan to attack the Koga's, at the same time Hyena explains to just arrived john what has happened. It's going to win back Ben's trust and is ready to fight the Koga's if necessary. Then the Iga's and Ben attack. The battle raging only Gin and Akame notice that the leader of the koga's is fleeing. Gin wants to try to beat the Koga's leader while Akame is saying it's too strong for you. At that point Gin tells that he heard Ben's and Akame's conversation, which said that Ben is becoming blind and wants to decide the dog who will be the leader after him. And Ben had said to be ready to give the title of leader to Gin. Gin beats the leader of Koga's but lets this leave when he notices that this has a puppy, the others have arrived also. John tries to defend Hyena which spied the enemy so the Iga's would have a chance to avenge. At the same time they also notice that the Iga-village is in flames. As they get to the village, they see Akame standing next to the flames a burning stick in his mouth. Igas ask isn't it against God's will to burn the Iga-house, but Akame answers that the Iga-family doesn't exist anymore, we must destroy everything that was part of it. At the same moment Koga's leader runs to the place.....

" Akame, you should be feared that I would take over the house so you decided to burn it".
" Now you're mistaken. "
" Quiet...battledogs duty is to obey masters command "
" But the master is dead, to this day we have obeyed our ancestors rules, now in my opinion we can end this useless struggle... "
" Quiet! I don't want to hear any further...the house is battledogs sacred, if it burns I burn with it. I become one with the sacred house. "
Koga's leader jumps into the flames and secons afterwards the left alive Koga's follow and jump to the sea of flames.

" Koga-dogs accomplish the mission even if it cost their accomplished you're mission and I respect you for that...farewell " (Akame). Gin and the others arrive to the beach of a sea and Gin with small amount of dogs decides to swim to Shikoku, to get strong battledogs. Ben is sent to his owner to heal his eyesight and Moss leaves with the herd to defend the territorys northern section. In Shikoku Gin finds a battledogs strong champion, Musashi which then joins them, Gin also beats Sniper in a mountaintemple and a dopermann named Bill joins, and also a pack of battledogs. Musashi tell that in Shikoku there is also the worlds strongest dog...Gin decides to make a contact with that dog and battle himself against it. After making a strong impact to the worldstrongest dog Benitsakura, they leave to help Moss. Moss and the herd has been surrounded to a dead volcanos crater and half of the herd has died. Big herd of wilddogs surrounds the crater and tries to get Moss to join them. At the same moment comes Ben which has caught his eyesight back, soon afterwards Gin and his troops arrive also. Gin and the herd start to climb the craters straight walls up, to fight the wildbears and this makes a big impression to the other herd and so they join Gin's herd. The wilddogs finally make to the area where Akakabuto is, to meet the great leader. As the dogs see how huge Akakabuto is, the dogs get terrified with horror, but Gin's as mighty voice as the great leaders makes courage to the dogs and when the great leader doesn't arrive the dogs decide to attack without it. After a while the leader does arrive and the battle continues even more furious.

After killing Akakabuto's all three allies is left only the final big battle....against the monster bear Akakabuto. The great leader and Gin decide to attack from behind against the bear and while telling Gin about the beardogs deadly strike it calls Gin to it's son. It's memory has returned and it members how Akakabuto striked it to the ravine, it remembers Gohē, Gin and it knows now it's time to avenge. After Riki and Gin have done the deadly strikes (Zetsu Tenrō Battōgas), everybody cheers that Akakabuto is dead. But at the sametime the bear rises to it's legs, while it should be dead. As the battle raged Smith had bringed Gohē, so that the oldman could shoot Akakabuto. Gohē loads his weapon and shoots. For a moment Akakabuto stands on its legs, but finally falls ground dead. " It's over...everything is now over " says Gohē relieved and hugs Gin and Riki. Daisuke too has arrived and looks Gin tears in his eyes. When Daisuke tries to come near Gin the other dogs stand in the way to defend it. Gohē tells that Gin ain't the same dog anymore, it collected the wilddogs to one herd and now when Akakabuto is dead forests and the mountains belong to Gin and the wilddogs.

" Gin and the wilddogs have something we lost long time ago...they have courage. "

Daisuke says farewell to Gin and goes home. Gin turns to his father who is lying on the ground dying, and says farewell to him also. " Hear this friends, we won " ....and all the dogs howl straight to the heavens, to point out that they submit to Gin's command. They hope that they can live in the forests without the monsterbear Akakabuto.

Translated by Genesis.