WEED: Character test

In school/work:

I'm person in charge in the government
I don't get along well with others
I do everything scrupulously
I'm the teachers favorite student
I also do others jobs
I have few subservients in my gang
I take every job seriously
I'm the apple of the whole place
I'm not very interested in what I'm doing right now

With friends:

I don't have any..
I think old friendships are very important
"Everybody" are my friends
Few good friends are enough
I may not be the easiest company always
I'm reliable and loyal to all my friends
Friends..? Oh, servants.
I like "working" in group
My family members are my best friends

I need to:

Feel that my life has a meaning
Revenge to all who have been unfair toward me
Act as a leader
Prove that I'm right about things (because I am)
Be helpful to others, because that's how I've been taught
Treat others like I would be above them
Always finish things before starting new ones
Not a need, but I have a habit to scrape up lot of friends
Be nice to everybody

The best description for me:

Curious and always ready to try something new
I don't usually pay attention toward others and some say that I boss around too much
Spirited and peppery
I have many mental scars, the world has not treated me well
I like it at home where it's warm
Powerful nature and can act spontaneously
Taking life seriously
I acquiesce to those who are stronger than me..
Stubborn and sometimes quick-tempered

My physical abilitys:

Stout and quite normal
Very small, but fast and agile
Tall, slim and strong
Quite slim, but not specially strong
I'm just normal.. ^^'
I'm big, but not fat
Small and cute
Small and a bit stout
Athletic etc.

What dog breed would you be:

German Shepherd
Shiba Inu
Mix breed
Golden Retriever
English Setter
Great Dane

My motto could be:

"Show respect toward me when you aswer!"
"How can I serve, sir?"
"If you won't help, then I'll do it."
"No one has ever defended me..."
"He who tries to stop me dies also!"
"Don't you know that you can't trust anyone else than yourself?!"
"From now on I'm the boss"
"This is an order!"

I feel most homely:

In my own home
"On the road"
Near my residental area
In the middle of nature
In laboratory x)
Anywhere if I have someone I know with me
In campsite
In mountains/cliffs
In countryside

There's something blurred in my past:

I have killed animals, though not by my own will, just accidently (other than insects, fishes etc.)
I have escaped from home for a little while (also from house arrest is acceptable =P)
Even I myself am not totally clear about my past
Other one of my parents has died/I have never seen other one of my parents
I'm in debt of gratitude for someone who has saved me from some kind of accident etc.
I had a disagreement with my best friends and I lost him/her (at least for some while)
My family has forgot me in some place I didn't know very well
My past is crystal clear *grin*
I have lost some very important person (sister etc.)

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