Weed World

WEED World is 5 volumes magazine which all are about about 400 pages.

Vol 1.
The first magazine contains the first part of Legend Riki, 31 WEED stickers, 5 pages of color pictures, Weed's papercharacter, japanese FanArt, character bios and the first WEED manga + extra.

Vol 2.
The second volume of WEED World contains second part of Legend Riki, 6 pages of color pictures, GB's papercharacter, 33 stickers, japanese FanArt, the second WEED manga, calendar, character bios + extra.

Vol 3.
3. WEED World has third part of Legend Riki, 5 color pages, Mel's papercharacter, "Legend of Silver Fang Weed" flap, 16 best Ginga Densetsu WEED illustrations (FanArt), WEED vol. 3, one extra manga from Weed Gaiden (first part), calendar, character bios + extra.

Vol 4.
WEED World vol 4. contains again Legend Riki, WEED vol. 4, 3 pages of color pictures, 2 postcards, bookmark, Jerome's papercharacter, character bios, one extra manga from Weed Gaiden (second part), calendar + extra.

Vol 5.
The last WEED World contains Legend Riki, WEED vol. 5, Sasuke's papercharacter, 3 postcards, bookmark, 3 colored pictures, lots of FanArt, one extra manga from Weed Gaiden, character bios + extra.

Due to that the magazines were only published in Japan it is almost impossible to get in Europe.