Frequently Asked Questions.
Read these before contacting the site webmaster!!!
1. How do you take all these pictures?
I record the clips I want from my VHS-tapes to one of my DigitalVideoCamera's casettes. Then I transfer those to computer, work them and download them via FTP to my homesite server. From DVD I take pictures via PowerDVD program.

2. Can I use pictures from this site in my own homepage?
You can use pictures from the (Silverfang) GALLERY up to 7 pics if you first ask permission via e-mail webmaster@hopeanuoli.com and tell clearly on your site that you have got them from hopeanuoli.com and either link the pictures back to hopeanuoli.com or link the © informations of the pictures back to here. You can not spread any of the pictures or give them to your friends homesites. Infom about this also on your site for example like this "DO NOT COPY THESE PICTURES!".

Read more specific instructions from here!

For PRIVATE HOME USE you can use the pictures.

3. Where have you got all this information?
Along these past years I have gathered pieces all over the internet and also some of this sites visitors have helped. Some great facts I have got from the mangas + of course I have all the basic info in my possession ;)

4. Can you link my site?
All Ginga- and Weed sites I'll be happy to link but others I unfortunately won't add to the links.

5. What is WEED?
For more information on WEED please visit WEED-section.

6. Where can I buy the uncut Silver Fang anime?
Future Film Oy in published the uncut version of Silver Fang on DVD's. The 5 DVD boxset was released 05.12.2003. All in all there are 5 DVD's which include the uncut version. The DVD's can be ordered at least in here north from many netstores such as www.filmifriikki.fi (finnish).
The price is about 80€.

There won't be any extra material on the DVD's!

7. Will you sell Weed toys?
NO! But if you have connections to Japan you might be able get hold of one of these rare toys. Tell us other about it also if you succeed >;) Top Sangyo Is a site that sold WEED toys etc. If there'll be more of those goods, one will be able to buy those inside Japan.

8. Where can clips of the uncut version be loaded?
www.bestanime.com (Notice! The clips are korean!)

9. Where can WEED anime be bought?
Weed anime DVDs can be bought for example from www.filmifriikki.fi, www.discshop.se, www.cdon.com, www.play-asia.com.
The first 3 manga volumes of Weed are available in english at www.amazon.co.uk. Read more about Weed from it's own » section.

10. Why don't all sections in this site work?
If this problem won't go away please inform about to me webmaster@hopeanuoli.com

11. When will you answer to my e-mail?
I try to answer to all mails by the best I can but always I just don't have enough time so it may sometimes take some time to receive an answer. It is also possible that I have forgotten or accidently removed your mail so if it seems to take too long please contact me again.

12. What is manga? What is anime?
Manga is japanese, usually black and white, comic. It's different from the western comics in many ways:
1) Usually black and white.
2) The manga is read from right to left (except in english translations).
3) Typical brands for characters are big eyes. Also other japanese features are that all characters look quite a like, big drops of perspiration on temple and sighs that look like mushrooms.
4) The lenght to the comics is sometimes over 1000 pages! For example Ginga Legend Riki is 400 pages and even Weed has about 300 pages in each volume.

Anime is a japanese cartoon genre. From many mangas have been made animes if they have been popular (Ginga Nagareboshi Gin is one of those).

There is all kind of manga and anime: fantasy, religious, animals, samurai, ninja, mecha (robots), romantic and hentai (which is porn). Japanese people don't think that cartoons and animations are only for children but there all generations read and watch those.

13. How old are you?
I have been born 1985. So I suppose you can count from there.

14. Tell me your opinion (about something)?
I don't want to get involved in any arguments not concerning myself and I wouldn't even have time to it.

15. Is Silver Fang being published as a comic?!
No! It originally was a japanese comic (manga). And it was publiced 18 volumes in the early 80's. Today it's extremely difficult to get and is only available in second-hand bookstores in Japan.
Though you can try to hunt down the manga from mail order stores. (for more stores see GNG Manga -> Buy-section)

The original GNG is a bit different from the one we have as an anime but not much. There are some new characters that are not introduced in the anime and after the Great battle there's a 4 volumes long story about how Gin's group fights against japanese wolves.

16. What? Will there be wolves also in the uncut version?!
NO. The anime ends after Akakabuto is killed. The manga was continued with the wolf plot after reaching such a great popularity in Japan.

17. What is cut from our 4 VHS versions?
At least over 30 different things: characters, savage scenes and other important scenes... gathered those in » the uncut section.

18. Does Gin die in the Weed manga?
^.^'' I don't want to spoil anybodys experience!! If you don't own the Weeds, hurry order them and read for yourself ;)

19. If this is UNofficial Finnish NG site then what's the official-site?
There is no official Ginga site. This is unofficial because I don't uphold it as my job. Though you can visite Weed's official site at Nihonbungeisha.

20. What merchandise is there from GNG?
There WAS many items of ginga in JAPAN. But there is and won't be any games, stickers or figures here in europe.

21. What's the difference between Tankoubon and Bunkobon?
The are both GNG manga publications but are just been released on different years.

22. Is everything on your site legal?
In basic rules.. no. But I inform clearly that GNG is © Takahashi Yoshihiro & Toei Animation Ltd and also Weed to be © Takahashi Yoshihiro & Nichibun Comics/Nihonbungeisha. Also I don't give pictures to free use, everyone must first ask permission.

23. What is Weed's mother's name?

24. How many pages is there in Weed manga?
Over 200 but under 300. Weed is quite the same size a Donald Duck comics.

25. Do you have a Forum on your site?
Yup, link to there is in the Interactive menu.

26. Where is your sites chat?
Also this link will be found in the Interactive menu.

27. How have you managed to create such good sites?
One word: HTML. If you click the right button on your mouse when your on my site and choose "Show sourcecode" you will see what html-coding really looks like. These pages have been totally made with that kind of codes.

28. Is it hard to uphold this site?
You bet it is! Sometimes I feel like some people just don't understand how much time I have spent on this site.

29. Do you think Silver Fang is the best cartoon?
At least the most legendary if nothing else ;)

30. Please don't ever quit these sites!?
It's all up to my financial situation 'cause this site eats nearly up to 100€ in one year. And of course it also depends on how you fans use this site.

31. Will there be new episodes of Silver Fang??!!
Oh, please! No, there won't be.

32. You should make new episodes of Silver Fang/ continue the GNG manga/ continue the WEED manga/ translate Weed- and GNG mangas to english/ publice the uncut version on VHS....
Yea, yea, I suppose so but it really won't help a thing to grumble me about it or write something in the guestbook. Please contact directly to the publishers and tell them how you feel (though I doubt it will help anything).
You can also write in WEED petition here

33. I wan't to make Silver Fang homepage.
That's nice but.. have you noticed how many not good GNG sites there really are?
Many of the sites seem to have quite the same information and the pictures they have got from other GNG sites.
There are many webmasters that are angry about stealing pictures and such from their sites and this isin't the atmosphere we want.
Maybe you should consider making a site about something else? Or you can also make a site dedicated to some character in Silver Fang.

34. Do you own GNG mangas? What about other GNG stuff?
I have all 18 original GNG mangas (japanese). Weed mangas I have first 3 in english and 4-35 in japanese. I also own two WEED toys (Weed & Ken), 3 WEED plastic files, WEED phonestrap, 14 WEED figures and WEED OST CD.
From my bookshelf you can also find the following mangas:
- Ginga Legend Riki
- Weed Gaiden
- My Dog, My WEED
- Weed Worlds (1-5)
- Gajo No Ketto Hen (1-3)
- Meishôbu Retsuden
- Tosaou (v.1982)
- Meteor Gin
- The collection of original picture by Yoshihiro Takahashi
- FANG (1-2)
- Fang - White Lotus
- Ginga no Inutachi
- Gum the armored Fighter
- Yamato the White Fighter (1-26)
In add to the cut finnish VHS version I also own the uncut DVD version.
I have also made some items like: T-shirt, mousepad, keychain, mug and Silverfang 1-4 sound cassettes =)

The most of my mangas I bought when I visited Japan (Tokyo) in the summer 2003 and the rest of my mangas and toys I got from my friend who lives in Japan.

35. What is Riki's mother's name?
All we know it's Yamubuki but the translation may not be 100% accurate.

36. The left menu's links are overlapped with eachother, what can I do?
The problem is most likely in your computer's font size. Try selecting the following from your Internet Explorer menu: Show -> Text size -> smaller/small.
You can also change the text size on your computer from Controlpanel -> Display -> Settings -> Extra settings -> Small fonts.

37. Can you tell me how to make homepages(etc.)?
I don't have time to help everyone who asks this, otherwise it would take all of my time.
Good way to get started is to register in www.geocities.com and start making your own homesite there. (More information in the site).
Notice that also I have once started to make this site with zero knowledge and here we are!